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A New Stage in the Development of the Messenger: Releasing an ICO and Creating it’s Own Currency  


208-4Dear friends!

As you may know, the ultimate goal of the Gem4me project is to create a modern and a highly-technological messenger with the purpose of selling it upon completion. We continuously implemented revolutionary and in-demand functionality into the messenger.   As of today, the process of introducing planned functionality is in it’s final stages (development of the MarketPlace, Bot-platforms and Web version), and we state with confidence that the high potential of the messenger allows us to transfer to a completely new stage of development — become participants in one of the most profitable markets — the market of encrypted currencies.  

The legal and technical preparations for releasing an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) has already begun — enlisting tokens (shares) of the Company on a specialized stock market for attracting investments.  Tokens are virtual shares of the Company, which will be owned by every investor of the project. Ownership of tokens and all procedures in regards to them will be carried out by means of the Blockchain technology.

The process of developing three completely new financial subdivisions for the purpose of increasing the investment attractiveness of the messenger has already begun, which will allow to drastically increase the user base of the messenger:

  • Cashback-service.
  • Digital Bank financial service.
  • Crypto — introduction of our own encrypted currency.

Releasing an ICO will allow to attract the necessary funds, as well as, provide the opportunity for existing shareholders of the Company to receive passive earnings prior to the sale of the messenger due to monetization of the application:

  • 20% of the revenue that is received from the new financial services will be distributed between the owners of tokens.
  • The owners of tokens will own shares of the Gem4me Investments Plc Fund (100 tokens are equated to 1 share of the Company) and will receive the shareholder’s’ income after the application is sold.
  • The sale of tokens on stock markets of encrypted currencies will become available after the ICO is completed.  

Ownership of tokens is secured in an electronic format through Blockchain technology and does not require completion of an additional verification procedure or the need to provide any identification documents of the shareholder.

The “Starting Promotion” is currently in effect, in accordance to which all partners can purchase gift tokens when making any purchases.

In addition, all current partners and shareholders can receive gift tokens for the whole portfolio of shares in the proportion of 1 share to 100 tokens. Subsequently, 20% of profits received from new financial services will be distributed between the owners of tokens.  

Gem4me: earn with us!


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