Домой NEWS English Congratulations to the winners of the second stage of the “New Year...

Congratulations to the winners of the second stage of the “New Year Surprises” lottery!


Dear friends!

We would like to remind you that registration for participants in the third drawing of the “New Year Surprises” lottery will end on January 7th of 2018. The third drawing will be hosted during the Gem4me principal news conference on January 8th of 2018 at 7PM Moscow time: 2 prizes from each category will be drawn (2 iPhone X (64 GB), 2 iPhone 8 (64 GB), 2 iPad (128 GB), 2 Samsung Galaxy J7). All partners who made purchases during the period of January 3rd through January 7th (inclusively) and their sponsors will participate in the drawing.

Please note! This is the shortest lottery stage (January 3rd — January 7th)! Consequently, the chances of winning amazing gifts in this stage are very high!

The second drawing was conducted on January 3rd of 2018 and we have already received the first reviews from it’s winners. Congratulations to the partners who received amazing gifts and we wish luck to all the partners in the third drawing!

Natalya Mahalatkova, Vologda, Russia (winner of an iPad)

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our amazing company’s Board of Directors for such a wonderful gift! I haven’t comprehended it fully yet, the fact that it happened to me, that I won a prize in the New Year’s lottery!  It is a true New Year miracle! I would like to thank my dear sponsors: Nadezhda Luchina for introducing me to the project, with the idea, with the company; Zoya Samonova for raising the “second breath” within me for continuous work!  Happy New Year to everyone! I wish for all the partners to have an inexhaustible source of inspiration, enthusiasm, new achievements and luck in the next lottery stage!

Artem Melnikov, Zarechniy, Russia (winner of an iPhone X)

I would like to thank the Board of Directors for such a generous gift and for hosting such giveaways! I had a feeling ahead of time, that I would be victorious and would win the best prize — iPhone X!

I wish for our project to achieve grandiose heights and for our messenger to receive world-wide recognition as soon as possible! Our messenger is the truly the best messenger in the world and remarkable future awaits it!  

Maksim Peshkov,  Angarsk, Russia (winner of an iPhone X)

It hasn’t been a month since i became a partner of project Gem4me, and here comes such an unexpected present — an iPhone X! We have a 5 hour time difference with Moscow and I wasn’t present at the conference, but I received a message from my sponsor with mind-blowing news! Honestly speaking, I am still in a state of mild shock from such a present. I’ve never won anything other that a bottle of water over the course of my life! Thank you for such opportunities and presents! This truly inspires and makes me believe that miracles really do happen!

Aleksey Antufyev, Holmogori, Russia (winner of an iPad)

It is hard to belive this! We won the New Year’s lottery once again! They say that luck doesn’t come twice to the same household, but it did to OURS! My wife won an iPhone X in the first stage of the lottery, and luck smiled at me as well — I won an iPad in the second stage of the lottery! There was no limit to our excitement! We are simple people, we work hard, have dreams and help our close ones with what we can. Fate has thanked us! Thank you to the company for the opportunities and happiness that Gem4me brings us! Thank you from all of our family!


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