Домой NEWS English “The more shares for less money” promotion is valid until January 31st...

“The more shares for less money” promotion is valid until January 31st 2018!


Dear friends!

«The more shares for less money” promotion which allows for anyone wishing to purchase packages with a discount, as well as, drastically increase portfolios with shares of Gem4me Investments Plc, is extended until January 31st of 2018!

Conditions of the promotion:

Prices of packages decrease by 10% (while standard bonuses remain the same) and the amount of shares in packages for buyers and sponsors increases by 50% (depending on the status of a sponsor).  

Please note! According to the conditions of  “More Shares for Less Money” promotion,  a partner receives more shares, than proposed by the standard marketing-plan. 

Please familiarize yourself with the detailed breakdown of the marketing plan with consideration of the “More Shares for Less Money” promotion:  

Please note:

  • A partner can purchase an unlimited amount of Go, Biz, Premium, and Invest packages.
  • A partner receives the amount of shares that is in accordance to his or her status.
  • The mentioned amount of shares (as well as all other rewards) are issued to a sponsor only when Business Support is paid for.

Validity period of the promotion: November 28 — January 31 of 2018.

Use the generous gifts of December to fully maximize the effectiveness of your business! We wish for your teams to grow rapidly and for major financial achievements!  

Gem4me: earn with us!


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