About the company

The project is created by the Gem4me Group of Companies, which consists of about 10 companies registered in the Eropean Union and Switzerland.

Gem4me Holdings
Ltd, Malta

The company owns the intellectual rights to the messenger and its user base.

Unique functionality of the application allowing commercial operations between merchants and customers directly within the messenger.
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Choose the best—like millions of users from 163 countries have already done!

Our team
Valery Ostrikov
Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder, Member of the Board of Directors
Alexander Kachanovsky
Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder, Member of the Board of Directors
Natalia Arshavskaya
Chief Visionary Officer, Co-founder, Member of the Board of Directors
Bruno Horn
Chief Financial Officer, Member of the Board of Directors
Dmitrij Nazarov
Chief Legal Officer, Member of the Board of Directors
Michael Jordan
Senior Managing Director America's, Member of the Board of Directors
Gauhar Aldyyarova
Chief Marketing Officer
Vage Zakaryan
Team Lead of Developers
2016 year
The first version for
Android and iOS platforms

Since the launch of its first native Android version in 2016, the Gem4me team was able to analyze messengers already in operation and choose optimal solutions to create an application with a broad range of functionalities. Development of the iOS version began one month after the development of the Android version, following with the web version shortly thereafter. All three versions of the application are updated every three weeks. Download Gem4me messenger


The first time I heard about Gem4me was in Bali. My first impression was that this would be a good product for thte whole world. I especially liked that with it, people from different countries can not only exchange messages but also buy and sell their own products.

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Kohei Noda
Tokyo, Japan

I like to use the messenger because it is ideal for personal needs and for business. It is stable, even with unstable Internet, blocks out background noise, which is ideal for business negotiations, works in countries where other messengers do not work or have restrictions, allowing you to maintain customers in your area of business.

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Eduard Vitko
Kiev, Ukraine

Gem4me Application able to send files that have a large size. Example: Whatsapp and Gmail are not able to send 100MB files, but Gem4me can do it easily.

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Edwin Soru

Today I use different means of communication. I have several messengers installed on my smartphone, and each one is needed for specific goals and objectives. But the Gem4me messenger really stands out. And now most of my friends already use Gem4me.

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Alexander Potapov
Moscow, Russia

I have been using the Gem4me app for a long time. Been using it throughout each version since 16! Recently, when there was a pause in communication on Gem before updating, I switched over to other messengers. And really, it didn't work for me. It's like moving from a personal Mercedes to a rented Pinto.

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Irina Antonenkova
Kiev, Ukraine
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