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Gem4me — new player in the market of instant messengers goes to NASDAQ


Gem4me Group of Companies has announced the placement of the bonds of marketplace based on the Gem4me messenger on the Nasdaq CSD SE to attract institutional investors.

Gem4me Group of Companies has been developing the same-name messenger since 2016. The messenger is available for free download on Google Play and the AppStore, and has its web version. To date, the messenger has 8+ million installations in 163 countries.

Since 2018, the group of companies has begun to create a marketplace based on the Gem4me messenger, which has received the brandname – Market Space. The goal of this work is to create a global trading and financial platform that will be equally attractive for large trading and service companies, as well as for medium and small companies and individuals with one or several product positions. There are no analogues of the application offering instant messenger + global scale marketplace on the market.

To finance the project of creation the Market Space, the company created the Market Space Solutions OÜ company in the Gem4me Group of Companies. This company issued obligations (convertible bonds) at the Baltic Branch of the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, Nasdaq CSD SE (Societas Europaea). The ISIN of this paper is 3300111772.

Link to the company page on Nasdaq CSD: https://nasdaqcsd.com/statistics/en/security/EE3300111772

Placement details:

  • Purchase of bonds is available only to institutional investors.
  • Bonds are denominated in Euros, since they were issued on the NASDAQ European site.
  • The nominal value of the bond is 1000 euros.
  • First tranche — 500 bonds worth 500,000 euros; further bonds will be issued in the required amount at the request of investors.

Issuance of debt securities is the evidence of a long journey the company has taken towards creating an attractive application. Bonds are convertible into securities, shares of the company Market Space Solutions OÜ. This will allow investors to become shareholders of a company that is developing an actual and highly sought mobile application with great potential. This year, the independent auditing company Doma Audits has valued the Gem4me messenger at $ 263.2 million. The previous estimate was made a year ago in June 2018 and amounted to $ 157 million.

Gem4me Group of Companies is a group of European companies, which since 2016 has been developing a messenger of new generation – Gem4me. Currently, the messenger is presented on three platforms: iOS, Android and PC, and is available for download in the Appstore, Google Play and on the desktop (the desktop application is available to users if there is a mobile version).

Nasdaq CSD SE (Societas Europaea) is the regional central securities depository in the Baltics, with a business presence in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. It provides post-trade infrastructure and a wide range of securities services for Baltic market participants. Nasdaq CSD is a fundamental element in the Baltic financial market, serving as the sole central registrar of shares and other securities issued by companies and governments. Nasdaq CSD is licensed under the European CSDR and supervised by Baltic regulatory institutions cooperating in accordance with the CSDR. Nasdaq CSD is powered by modern straight-through processing technology connected to the pan-European T2S platform. Nasdaq CSD is a part of the Nasdaq Group. Nasdaq, Inc., the ultimate parent, provides trade and post-trade services in more than 50 countries.


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