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Instructions on completing the verification procedure to get enlisted in the Registry of shareholders of Market Space Custodian Services


Dear partners! 

The upload of documents for verification is available in the Shareholder Account. All partners who own shares of Market Space must complete the verification procedure in order to get enlisted in the Registry of shareholders of Market Space Custodian Services. PLease familiarize yourself with the detailed instruction. 

In order to complete the verification procedure the following is required: 

  • Press “Pay” and make the payment of 8 euro (service fee). The payment is made from the partner’s Personal Account. Access to start the verification procedure will be granted within 10-20 minutes after the payment is made (reload the page).

  • Complete all the required fields of the form: add one’s passport information and residence address. The information must be filled in in English language only in accordance to the translation of your documents.
  • Attach the documents — scan version of the documents and their translation to English language (press “+”).

  • Press “Submit” (once submitted the status graph will update itself).

List of documents required for the verification

Documents required to be uploaded:

  • For citizens of foreign countries (other than Russia and Ukraine): colored scan versions of the first page of the passport and the page depicting one’s address of residence, or a scan of an ID card (both sides) and a scan of a document proving one’s registration/address of residence, as well as, their translation to English language (in case they are issued not in English).

Please note:

  • For citizens of any country in which neither a passport or an ID card don’t depict one’s address of residence — it is necessary to provide a scanned version of a document confirming one’s address of residence. The document must contain your full name and address, as well as, can not be older than 3 months since the date it was issued. Such a document can be: a utility bill, bank statements depicting an active account, as well as, traffic tickets and any other official notices from government departments are accepted. Cell phone service bill and other bills from private companies are not accepted.
  • In case the documents (proving one’s identity and one’s address of residence) are issued in English language originally — a translation is not required. However, in case the documents are issued in a language other than English , then it is required to upload a scan of the translation of these documents to English language along with the original documents. The translation to English must be done by a translator form a company specializing in translations, which also must be confirmed on the translation document. In case you are providing a notarized translation, then the notarization text must also be translated (duplicated) to English.

Requirements for the Documents to be Uploaded:

Pictures of documents are not accepted for verification, only colored scanned versions of the documents will be accepted. Scanned versions must be of good quality, the text must be legible and all the sides and corners of a document must be visible. It is strictly prohibited to place any extraneous graphic symbols on the documents. The following formats are accepted: jpeg, jpg, png, pdf, a file cannot be larger than 5 megabytes.

Having completed the verification procedure successfully a partner will be enlisted in the company’s electronic Registry of Shareholders and will receive a relevant notice in his or her Shareholder Cabinet and to the specified email address.

In case the verification request is denied a partner will receive a relevant notification in his or her Shareholder Cabinet and to the specified email address, after which it is necessary to provide documents in accordance to the existing requirements and re-submit one’s request for verification.

In case you have any questions or are unable to log in to your Business Center or the Shareholder Account, do the following:


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