Домой NEWS English Messenger Gem4me: 5 million of users!

Messenger Gem4me: 5 million of users!


Dear friends!

We did it! A significant milestone was achieved — the amount of users of Gem4me messenger has surpassed 5 000 000 people and was 5 008 210 as of 04.17.2018 (including Google Play — 4 471 610, AppStore — 536 600)!

This is our grandiose achievement, our common reason to be proud and admiration! Despite all the obstacles and hardships, together we completed the most difficult stage of building our project.

We proved that our unique project and our team work break all the stereotypes to all! Together we are able to achieve unbelievable heights!More milestones are waiting ahead —  10, 50, 100 million of users! The new stage of the messenger’s development — creation of Market Space, unique financial services and launch of the ICO will allow for us to make a breakthrough in achieving our goals!

Congratulations to all the partners who devote their efforts, experiences and hearts in promoting the Gem4me messenger! Thank you for bravely conquering new heights with us! We wish for our messenger to become the most popular one in the world! Let the amount of our users reach above one billion in the nearest time!  


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