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Ordering the WestStein Corporate Cards


Dear friends!

Partners can now order corporate WestStein cards for the convenience of making financial transactions, and most importantly, withdrawing funds from Gem4me Business Center. One can order a card in the Gem4me Business Center. The price of the corporate card is 29€.

The card provides major advantages to its users since it is a corporate card and a user’s name is not embroidered on it, but rather the name of one of the Gem4me Group of companies — Nemetis s.r.o. This allows for a user to make anonymised purchases in stores and online.

A partner needs to complete a standard verification procedure and register on the following website after receiving the card: https://my.weststeincard.com/ru/login.  It is necessary to provide a scan of one’s passport and a utility bill in order to be verified.

Please note, the card’s limit for verified users is 250€, i.e. the total amount of all the operations a user with an unverified card can do is just 250€.

Please familiarize yourself with the main tariffs and limits for transactions that are carried out in the WestStein system:



Additional Information

1 Card Fee EUR 29.00 Card’s currency — EUR
2 Monthly Service Charge EUR 1.00
3 Batch File Load EUR 0.60 Commission is paid by the card’s owner
4 WestStein Card To WestStein Card Transfer (KYC – KYC cardholder only) 1.00%
5 SEPA Outgoing Fee EUR 0.55

For all card owners (regardless of a card owner’s country of residency)

6 SEPA Investigation Fee EUR 15.00
7 Stolen Replacement Card EUR 10.00
8 Customer Services Fee Per Call EUR 1.00
9 Domestic (Eurozone) ATM withdrawal (of amount withdrawn) EUR 2.50
10 International (non-Eurozone) ATM withdrawal (of amount withdrawn) EUR 2.50 +1,5 %
11 ATM Balance check EUR 0.30
12 Domestic (Eurozone) POS No commission / FREE
13 International (non-Eurozone) POS EUR 0.50
14 FX Rate on Spend 3.00 % Commission for paying for products and services in other currencies or withdrawals in other currencies.
15 Initial PIN Enquiry FREE
16 Subsequent PIN Enquiry EUR 1.75
17 Inactivity Fee (After 90 days of inactivity; occurs every 30 days while the card is not being used). EUR 2.00 2.00 EUR are charged every 30 days of a card being inactive.
18 Online PIN Reveal EUR 1.00
19 Chargebacks EUR 40.00
Card Limits
Transactions Period Limits (for all cardholders)
20 Maximum load limit from E-wallet 3 transactions per day (max 3) EUR 15 000
per single transaction EUR 5 000
21 WestStein card to WestStein card payment per day EUR 15 000
22 Total loading amount per day EUR 15 000
23 SEPA outgoing payment per day EUR 15 000
24 Domestic & International purchase transactions 20 transactions per day (max 20) EUR 15 000
25 ATM limits 3 transactions per day (max 3) EUR 15 000*

*Limits can be set individually.

per single transaction EUR 750*

*Limits can be set individually.

26 Total spending amount per day EUR 15 000


Please contact Gem4me Customer Service in case you have any additional questions: https://support.gem4me.com/.



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