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Partner’s Business Activity and Enlisting in the Registry of Shareholders


Dear partners!

2 types of shares will be depicted in the Business Center in the nearest time: Purchased and Complimentary.  

Purchased shares — the shares that a partner has personally received by purchasing any investment packages Go/Biz/Premium/Invest.

Complimentary shares — the shares that a partner received as a gift from the company for participating in various promotional campaigns ( quests, contests, generating downloads of the messenger and so on), as well as, the shares issued for being a sponsor and closing career qualifications.

The verification of partners’ business activity is conducted monthly starting August 13 of 2018, during which:

  1. Partners who own purchased shares and don’t have complimentary shares in their portfolios are enlisted in the Registry of Shareholders by standard rules — submit documents for verification and receive a certificate of owning shares in return. Paying for Business Support (BS) is not required for this category of shares. Registration of purchased shares into ownership is done in the Shareholder Account on the website of Gem4me Investments Plc (https://gem4meinvestments.eu/ru/cabinet/shares).
  2. Partners who own complimentary shares must have a paid Business Support (BS) in order to be enlisted in the Registry of Shareholders.

Attention: Partners must complete the mandatory requirements for restoring business activity in case Business Support is not paid for 12 or more months at the time of submitting the documents for verification:

  • It is necessary to pay for Business Support for the next 12 months before December 31 of 2018 in order to restore one’s activity. Business Support can be paid for in portions; however, in this case the ability to enlist a partner’s gift shares in the Registry of Shareholders will become available only once Business Support for 12 months in a row is paid for.
  • Starting January 1 of 2019: partners who have unpaid Business Support for 12 or more months must pay a Сompensation Fee-1* (100 with a 50 point payout to the structure) and have a paid Business Support at the time of submitting the documents.
  • Starting Fabruary 1 of 2019 until May 1 of 2019: a partner will have to contact Support Service and pay a Сompensation Fee-2 of 130.

Please note:

  • Business activity is determined based off of a partner’s main account in case several accounts are combined.  
  • A secondary submission of documents is not required in case the documents were submitted prior to restoring one’s business activity.  

The planned compression of the binary tree for it’s continuous effective work will be conducted on January 1st of 2019. According to p.1.5 of the “Partner’s Program” only accounts of partners who own just complimentary shares, did not have any business activity and did not pay for Business Support (BS) over the course of 12 or more months will be deleted.

Complimentary shares will be transferred to the ownership of the company’s partners in case a partner does not confirm his or her activity in the stated period of time.

We recommend for all the partners to pay for Business Support monthly in order to maintain full access to all the services, timely receiving of bonuses, points and all the accruals presumed by the company’s marketing.

We ask you to share this information with all the partners of your structures in order for all  inactive accounts to be restored in a timely manner.


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