Домой NEWS English Principal News of the Week: July 2-9 of 2018

Principal News of the Week: July 2-9 of 2018


Dear friends! We are pleased to share the main news of this week!

The “My Precious Shares” Promotion

We are pleased to introduce the new “My Precious Shares” Promotion, during which all partners/buyers of packages and their sponsors can sufficiently increase the amount of shares in their portfolios with shares of Gem4me Investments Plc!

Conditions of the promotion:

The amount of shares in Go/Biz/Premium/Invest packages increases by 50% for buyers and their sponsors during the validity period of the promotion.

The “Golden Shares” Gem4me Summer Lottery

We would like to invite all the partners to become participants of the newest “Golden Shares” summer lottery and win supremely valuable presents — impressive packages of shares which will be a wonderful addition to your investment portfolio!

Conditions for participating in the summer lottery:

  • All partners who purchase any investment packages during the period of June 25 through July 29 of 2018 will participate in the lottery.
  • Lottery tickets will be issued to both buyers and their sponsors — one lottery ticket is issued to both a partner and his or her sponsor for every purchase made.
  • Each partner can participate in several lottery categories (depending on packages purchased).
  • The more tickets a partner has — the more chances to receive an amazing prize.

Gem4me Market Space Presentation at Echelon Asia Summit 2018

The international Echelon Asia Summit 2018 was hosted on June 28-29 of 2018 in Singapore (Singapore EXPO), in which our company participated by presenting the global Gem4me Market Space commercial platform!

International Gem4me Conference for Partners: August 24-26 of 2018

We are excited to invite you to the grandiose and long-awaited event — the conference for Gem4me partners which will be hosted on August 24-26 of 2018 in Moscow.

Location: «Baltschug Kempinski» hotel, Moscow.

What to expect: The event will consists of unique news regarding the company’s development and Gem4me Market Space ICO, briefings, educational sessions from leaders and the Board of Directors, special guests appearances — the company’s international partners, as well as, prizes and gifts!

Gem4me: earn with us!



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