Домой NEWS English The “Best Ads: Advertising Campaign for Free” Promotion

The “Best Ads: Advertising Campaign for Free” Promotion


Dear friends!

As you may know, we have recently announced the launch of the company’s new product — Best Ads! Best Ads are a new generation of advertising services developed by GN Telecom Ltd (a member of Gem4me Group of Companies) in partnership with a Premier Google Partner — UCT World Corporation.

Best Ads advertising packages combine traditional advertising types of Google Ads or Yandex.Direct with our innovative developments, which are based on unique mechanisms of BiNeuro neural network with the use of Blockchain and Data Science technologies. We use technologies that are essential for every business striving to increase profits and establish one’s market share in modern days.  

Best Ads service is oriented on promotion of any website, regardless of its geographic location, product category and other factors, as well as, promotion of any YouTube channel. More detailed information regarding Best Ads service and its capabilities can be found on the following website: https://bestads.biz/

Attention! We are pleased to announce the “Best Ads: Advertising Campaign for Free” promotion timed with the launch of Best Ads service!

Conditions of the promotion: first 10 customers who purchase a Start advertising package to promote one’s resource (298$ / 499$) and evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising campaign they received by sending a video review will receive a full refund of their purchase.  

The promotion will end right after the 10th review from a customer is received. The promotion is valid for both types of the advertising service — promotion of websites and of YouTube channels. The video reviews must be submitted to the following email: gem.fun.army@gmail.com.

Moreover, we developed a system of rewards for recommendations made by our active clients — a three-stage referral program. 20% from the price of each advertising package is directed to the referral reward fund from which a customer receives the reward: stage 1 — 50%, stage 2 — 35%, stage 3 — 15%. The referral link is available in the “Profile” section of one’s Personal Account.

Dear friends! In case your business is in need of an effective advertising or new subscribers, then Best Ads is exactly what you need today! Rush to receive an effective advertising campaign completely free of charge!


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