Домой NEWS English The “Hot Summer Promotion”

The “Hot Summer Promotion”


Dear friends!

We are please to introduce the new and profitable “Hot Summer” Promotion, in accordance to which you can increase your earnings exponentially!

Conditions of the “Hot Summer” Promotion:

Personal bonuses for sponsors when selling the company’s business packages (Go/Biz/Premium/Invest) increase by 25% during the validity period of the promotion!

The increased amount of the bonuses are depicted in the table below:

Validity period of the promotion: June 19th June through 2nd July of 2018.

Please note! “My Precious Shares” Promotion, during which all partners/buyers of packages and their sponsors can sufficiently increase the amount of shares in their portfolios with shares of Gem4me Investments Plc, is valid from June 19.

Take advantage of this period of time to receive maximized earnings!

Gem4me: earn with us!


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