Домой NEWS English The “Increased Packages of Shares” Promotion (part 2)

The “Increased Packages of Shares” Promotion (part 2)


Dear partners!

We are excited to introduce the new “Increased Packages of Shares” promotion, in accordance to which all partners/buyers of packages and their sponsors can sufficiently replenish their portfolios with shares of Gem4me Investments Plc!

Please note! The amount of shares in packages has been increased by 50% until February 12 of 2018 with the promotion, while the amount of shares will be increased by 40% from February 13 through February 19.

Conditions of the promotion:

The amount of shares in Go/Biz/Premium/Invest packages is increased by 40% for buyers and their sponsors during the validity period of the promotion!

Amount of shares is depicted for a sponsor with an Invest status:

Shares are issued in accordance to the marketing plan:

Please note:

  • A partner can purchase an unlimited amount of Go, Biz, Premium, and Invest packages.
  • A partner and his sponsor receive the amount of shares in accordance to their status.
  • The specified amount of shares (as well as all the other rewards) are issued to a sponsor only when Business Support is paid for.

Validity period of the promotion: February 13-19 of 2018.

We wish you great accomplishments and prosperity! Take advantage of this promotion for a fully effective business!

Gem4me: earn with us!


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