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The Launch of Market Space ICO


Dear friends!

We are excited to announce the long-awaited news — our Gem4me Market Space ICO has launched on May 11 of 2018! The White Paper —  the core document regulating the ICO, as well as, detailed information regarding the structure of Market Space, conditions of purchasing tokens and other notions are available on the project’s official website (landing page): https://ico.marketspace.io/

Gem4me Market Space

Market Space — is a global commercial platform with integrated crypto-financial services developed on the foundation of Gem4me messenger. Gem4me Market Space platform is based on technologies that make creating and developing a secure business convenient and simple, without the need to depend on private entities.   

The foundation of creating Gem4me Market Space is our most valuable asset — our three-year experience of developing the Gem4me messenger. We created a messenger with 5,5 million of users in 60 different countries and are continuing to improve it and promote it throughout the world. We are convinced that a messenger with a large amount of users will become the mean for fast development of new Gem4me Market Space services!

Our goal is to make Gem4me Market Space the most widespread and convenient application for making fast sales and secure purchases.

Gemme Coin (GMC)

The internal currency of Gem4me Market Space — Gemme Coin (GMC). It is an ERC-20-compatible token operating on the Market Space commercial platform. GMC-tokens can be used when receiving preferences by token holders, as well as, as a form of payment within the platform.  

Anybody wishing to participate can purchase Gemme Coin tokens during the ICO (investment funds/companies/ private investors) in accordance to the conditions that are discussed in much detail in the White Paper.

The price of Gemme Coin (GMC) will be 0.1USD during all the ICO stages; however, complimentary tokens will be additionally issued to early participants as rewards.  

ICO Stages:

  1. 1.The first stage is currently underway — closed pre-sale of GMC tokens, during which tokens may be purchased by investors, investment funds, and major investors. The minimal amount for purchase is 30 000 tokens ($3000).Closed pre-sale will be in effect until August 31 of 2018.
  2. Open pre-sale will begin on September 1 of 2018 and will remain in effect until October 14 of 2018. GMC tokens can be purchased by private investors during this stage. The minimal amount for purchase is 1000 tokens ($100).
  3. Open sale of GMC tokens will be in effect during the period starting from October 15 through November 20 of 2018. Private investors will be able to purchase anywhere from 10 tokens ($1) or more during this stage.  

Tokens will be available for purchase on the https://ico.marketspace.io website with the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, BCC, LTC, DASH, XRP, XMR, as well as, USD (wire transfer). Payments can be made from any Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash and Ripple wallets. A non-cash transfer option is available for transfers from $1000 to $1 000 000.  

Follow our latest news! We will be providing regular updates regarding Market Space ICO!


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