Домой NEWS English The “Make Purchases and Receive Cashback” Promotion

The “Make Purchases and Receive Cashback” Promotion


Dear friends! We are pleased to introduce the conditions of “Make Purchases and Receive Cashback” promotion.

Conditions of the “Make Purchases and Receive Cashback” Promotion: 

A partner receives cashback of 5% from the price of a package when purchasing any packages of shares and  Business Support (“Purchases” section) using encrypted currency (Bitcoin or Ethereum) or when adding funds to one’s Personal Account* using encrypted currency and subsequent purchase of any package from December 3! 

Cashback 5 % on a personal account is credited for purchases of any packages via Transcoin system (purchasing of tokens) from December 3!

*Please note:

  • It is necessary to submit a ticket to Support Service after adding funds to one’s Personal Account and making a purchase of a package in order to receive cashback presumed by the promotion. 
  • In order to receive the cashback funds must be added to one’s Personal Account in full amount necessary to purchase a package and the purchase must be made during the validity period of the promotion. We recommend to add funds right before making the purchase, which will drastically fast-forward issuance of cashback. 

Make purchases and receive an additional bonus! We wish you major earnings and a maximized effectiveness of your business! 

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