Домой NEWS English The “Maximized Earnings” Promotion

The “Maximized Earnings” Promotion


Dear friends! 

As you may know, the company’s partners receive rewards for conducting work as sponsors based on the level of their participation in the business (basic Go, intermediate Biz, professional Premium, and Invest) and in accordance to the conditions of the differentiated marketing. Partners at the Invest level receive maximized rewards (bonuses, points, shares). 

For the first time in the company’s history! We are excited to introduce a unique monetary promotion which will allow for ALL the partners to receive maximized earnings! 

Conditions of the promotion: 

During the validity period of the promotion all partners will receive maximized earnings of the Invest level when sponsoring the sale of packages (regardless of their level of participation in the business). 

Please familiarize yourself with the detailed tables of standard marketing (Table 1) and the marketing plan that will be effective during the validity period of the promotion (Table 2):

Table 1: Standard marketing plan

Table 2: Marketing plan effective during the promotion from 23.08 until 16.09

Validity period of the promotion: August 23 — September 16 of 2019.

Use all of the current opportunities to maximize the effectiveness of your business! We wish you rapid team growth and major financial accomplishments! 

Gem4me: earn with us!


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