Домой NEWS English The “My Precious Shares” Promotion

The “My Precious Shares” Promotion


Dear friends!

We are pleased to introduce the “My Precious Shares” Promotion, during which all partners/buyers of packages and their sponsors can sufficiently increase the amount of shares in their portfolios with shares of Gem4me Investments Plc!

Conditions of the promotion:

The amount of shares in Biz/Premium/Invest packages for buyers and their sponsors increases by 25% during the period of August 14 through September 3.

Please note:

  • A partner can purchase an unlimited amount of Go, Biz, Premium, and Invest packages.
  • Partners and their sponsors receive the amount of shares in accordance to their statuses.
  • The stated amount of shares (as well as all the other rewards) are issued to a sponsor only when Business Support is paid for.

Validity period of the promotion: August 14 — September 3 of 2018.

We wish you prosperity and accomplishments! Take advantage of the current promotions to maximize the effectiveness of the business!


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