A messenger that is funded, tested and promoted by the people. A messenger that belongs to the people. The first messenger that is profitable for you to talk about!
In Gem4me, user correspondence is not stored on the server, so no one can access it. With Gem4me, you can be confident in your security!
Public Chats – this is the best way to bring your information instantly to any number of people! Gem4me Public Chats are a source of your income!
Instant and free transfer of money around the world right in the messenger. Instant payment for goods and services in the Marketplace – for companies and entrepreneurs around the world!
The app is creating us
Gem Technologies Applications Ltd
Become a shareholder of a successful company!
Take part in a grand development!
Free. Secure. Profitable
To bring people together so they can communicate with each other, saving them the most expensive resource – time. We facilitate communication and accelerate financial transactions between sellers and buyers.
Create a convenient free app that will bring together hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Provide users with secure communication and the ability to purchase goods and services instantly.
Together with millions of volunteers, create the ultimate Messenger and share the proceeds from its sale among the project participants based on their shareholdings.
World trend: messengers are a billion-dollar business!
The history of transactions shows that even without being a market leader, a messenger can cost billions of dollars. Receive a significant part of this gigantic income!
$0.9 billion. Cost per customer – $9
$8.5 billion. Cost per customer – $28
$1 billion. Cost per customer - $20
$1 billion. Cost per customer - $33
$22 billion. Cost per customer - $42
Over 12 billion.
Cost per customer - $30
Diana Almazova
Moscow, Russia
For me, the Gem4me Project is a gift from above, an opportunity to change my life and the lives of my loved ones quickly and drastically. I imagine my house by the warm Atlantic Ocean in my favorite country, the Dominican Republic, surrounded by my family and friends, the powerful ocean and magnificent nature. And it's so close. This is happiness!
Lyudmila Strachkova
Toronto, Canada | Profile
Each of us has their own needs, dreams and plans. But we're all united by a common idea and a common purpose – to make our Gem4me app the most interesting, most convenient, most practical and popular means of communication between people around the world. We have created our Gem4me ourselves, and it truly became a people's Messenger!
Sergei Samsonov
Auckland, New Zealand | Profile
The world is changing and we need to keep up with it! We have a tool for communication and rapid development and this is the Gem4me Messenger. It's very modern and came at the right time. We need to learn to be in step with Gem4me! Gem4me will not wait! It's like windsurfing a wave – either you ride the wave and win, or you lose!
Lyudmila Murav'eva
Chisinau, Moldova | Profile
Nobody has ever invited us, simple messenger users, to participate in application development before. It is a major miss to not take up on this opportunity! It gives me great pleasure to watch Gem4me develop at the speed of light, and it is even a greater delight to own a part of this app. Most importantly, you can receive generous rewards for promoting Gem4me from the company! I have provided for my present and my future! What about you?
Aya Mikeeva
Almaty, Kazakhstan | Profile
I am proud of being a part of developing and promoting the people's messenger! Every day i can see how Gem4me receives new abilities and unique functionality. Just remember, soon enough Gem4me will be on every smartphone!
Olga Hramova
Bataysk, Russia | Profile
Mobile applications become progressively more trending every year and because of that, Gem4me was born. It's a new generation messenger, a bright and free application packed with various functions, financial plugin and unique capabilities. I began actively promoting Gem4me as I can see its limitless possibilities and bright future. Today, Gem4me brings me great income and makes my dreams come true. I choose Gem4me!
Mariush Duchmanski
Konin, Poland
When my friend told me that I can participate in the creation of the new messenger Gem4me I instantly realized, that this is a major opportunity, that Messenger Gem4me will rise to be the jewel of numerous applications that are currently available on the market. It is not just an application, but also a useful tool that breaks through all the stereotypes and opens a new generation of contacts, online payments, purchases, advertisements, new friends and much more. By supporting the project and being a part of it, I am on the highway towards paying off debts, getting closer to my dream, being financially stable and happy. We have an opportunity to make a lot of money here. I believe that in no time a billion of people will have this app on thier phones and I am pleased to be a part of this history.
Evelina Oshlizlo
Zheshuv, Poland
Gem4me is not just an application's name, but rather an immense power, a power that breaks all boundaries while uniting people from all around the world.I believe that Gem4me will conquer the world and will help people improve their way of living, make their dreams come true. I am undeniably with Gem4me and I AM DEEPLY GRATEFUL TO THE CREATORS OF THIS APPLICATION. THANK YOU!
Andrzej Pluta
Ksaveruv, Poland
Gem4me is a wonderful opportunity for everyone in the world, I have never been a part of such a company before, a company that has such a unique and amazing product as this application. Most importantly, it is already working on Android and iOS. I know that it will be the jewel given it's countless abilities. I am plased by the company's directors and it's support team, a big plus for the company, and luckuly for us we can make a lot of money in 2017.
Justyna Dubel
Kozeglovi, Poland
As for me, project Gem4me is something that will revolutionize the mobile applications market. It is the only app on the market that has such a great potential in both the financial and sales fields. For those who don't understand the project's potential, they should ask themselves one simple question: «Do you want to be richer due to the help of the money made with this app next year? If not, then dont invest money into the project, of course. But if you do … you know what to do.
  • Gem4me is the first Messenger that belongs to the people who helped create it, test it, promote it and finance it in different countries.
  • We are running a socially responsible business, the proceeds from which will be distributed depending on the contribution of each participant – the number of shares received from the company.
  • Participant incentives will account for 50% of the proceeds from the sale of the messenger, approximate amount – USD 6,000,000,000.
  • A motivated team is a huge advantage over other projects!
  • Our main advantage: Gem4me already works! Download Gem4me to your Android/iPhone and receive your share of the profits from the Project!