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Messenger of a new generation

Always stay in touch with the world! Convenient and modern, unlimited opportunities for communication, financial operations, exclusive instruments for business and generating earnings. Choose the best along with millions of users who are currently using the messenger all over the world!

Having started creating the messenger in 2014, our team had the amazing opportunity to analyze existing messengers and choose the best solutions for creating the most modern application with functionality that is much more superior than a common messenger.


From the very first day we have been creating not just a messenger, but rather the messenger of the people. For the first time in the world functionality of the messenger is determined by the users who help to make it convenient while also functional, as well as, test the application on various platforms. Our active users from various countries make a true Army of Fans who are highly interested in creating the best messenger in the world!

The project’s


The main company that owns intellectual rights for the messenger and it’s user base is Gem4me Holdings Ltd, Malta.

You can become the shareholder of the project and participate in it’s funding on the Gem4me Investments Plc website, Malta.

investments plc



The main developer of Gem4me - is Synesis company (Minsk). A world-class developer creating projects worth billions - the foundation of rapid development in the area of mobile applications.