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Business oriented


Financial services

We are creating the most in-demand financial services for users based on partnership (whitelabel) with licensed fintech companies in EU and other jurisdict: 

●     electronic wallet 

●     instant monetary transfers with no limits 

●     ability for direct purchases and sales in the application (Marketspace) 

●     ability to receive cash back for your purchases

●     exchange of encrypted and common currencies and vice versa. 

●     issuance of bank cards, including for making purchases and withdrawing common currencies from an encrypted currency account


Modern format for your business

The use of bots allows for merchants to create their mobile store fast and free, while buyers have the ease of finding and purchasing products and services they need. Marketspace, the global commercial platform unites millions of buyers and sellers. The use of the the bot-platform and financial services allows to create a platform of thousands and millions of stores.

Bots are our virtual helpers

Bots help to maximize the effectiveness of user interaction with various services, starting from making purchases in the messenger (Marketspace) and concluding with such popular services as ordering a taxi or purchasing plane tickets. The universal bot platform allows to introduce Gem4me to an unlimited amount of services and offers from companies and private entrepreneurs. Bots are a universal platform for business in any country of the world.