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The Gem4me messenger is a modern and highly-technological application with premium functionality and unique services.

Basic functionality

Basic functionality

  • Integration with the book of contacts
  • Individual, group and public chats
  • Smileys and exclusive stickers
  • Sending pictures, videos and files of any type
  • Voice messages
  • Voice communication, video calling, group conferences*
  • Localization
  • Fully-functional web-version
  • Mobile advertisements
    *a portion of the functionality is currently in the process of being finalized

Uniqueness of 

basic functionality:

  • Secure communication (messages are not stored on servers, strictly on user devices)
  • Major economy of the smartphone’s battery compared to other messengers
  • Group and public chats with an unlimited amount of participants
  • Ability to edit and delete messages that have already been sent
Financial instruments


Your smartphone is turned into a convenient instrument for financial interaction with the world due to the use of Fintech technologies.


Informational robots (bots, chat-bots) allow to organize user interaction with various services most effectively.

The universal bot platform allows to introduce an unlimited amount of services and offers from companies and private entrepreneurs to Gem4me. Bots are a universal platform for business from any country.


Marketspace: the global 

commercial platform

The main advantage of the Gem4me messenger over the majority of existing messengers is the creation of a global commercial and financial platform (a marketplace) with the brand name of MarketSpace. Currently, the platform has 500+ markets operating. MarketSpace is in open beta stage.

The core goal of MarketSpace is to provide an opportunity for individual entrepreneurs and companies of any size to create their markets and get access to a new audience, including audiences in different countries and regions. At the same time, users of MarketSpace will be able to choose products and services based on their geolocation, having a unique opportunity of direct communication with merchants, choosing products and services based on reviews and ratings of other Gem4me customers. We see the creation of a marketplace with users from the variety of countries to be one of our main advantages, as today downloads of the messenger are fixed in 153 countries.

In May of 2019, one of the companies of Gem4me Group, Market Space Solutions OÜ, released the first tranche of Eurobonds at the Baltic branch of NASDAQ exchange platform in order to fast-forward creation of MarketSpace and increase the application’s user base tо 100-200 million users.


Fast Earnings with the MakeMoneyBot

The unique MakeMoneyBot offers for each user of Gem4me messenger to earn fast profits by promoting mobile applications of various developers.