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The Gem4me messenger is a modern and highly-technological application with premium functionality and unique services.

Basic functionality

Basic functionality

  • Integration with the book of contacts
  • Individual, group and public chats
  • Exclusive smileys and stickers
  • Sending pictures, videos and files of any type
  • Voice messages
  • Voice calling
  • Localization
  • Fully-functional web-version
  • Mobile advertisements

Uniqueness of 

basic functionality:

  • Secure communication (messages are not stored on servers, strictly on user devices)
  • Major economy of the smartphone’s battery compared to other messengers
  • Group and public chats with an unlimited amount of participants
  • Ability to edit and delete messages that have already been sent
Financial instruments


Your smartphone is turned into a convenient instrument for financial interaction with the world due to the use of Fintech technologies.


Information robots (bots) allow to organize user interaction with various services most effectively, starting from purchases in the messenger (Marketspace) and concluding with such popular services as ordering a taxi, purchasing plane tickets and hundreds of other services.

Marketspace: the global 

commercial platform

Marketspace – is thousands of stores that offer countless products and services in accordance to your geolocation. Make fast purchases in the Marketspace, while relying on ratings and reviews of other users.

Fast Earnings with the MakeMoneyBot

The unique MakeMoneyBot offers for each user of Gem4me messenger to earn fast profits by promoting mobile applications of various developers.