What is MarketSpace

The Gem4me Group of Companies has been developing a marketplace called MarketSpace on the foundation of the Gem4me messenger since 2019.


Sell any types of products: physical, digital, informational
Offer services
Offer any types of services to customers: tutor, builder, babysitter, astrologer, and many others
Classifieds of private individuals
Post classifieds to sell products from private entities, including used items
Trading without borders
Trade beyond the borders of one’s city, region, and country
Create a store
Of any kind and size, ranging from a store with just one product to a large store with thousands of products
Plan events
Offer users events, trips, various types of vacations
Places near you
Find a nearby restaurant, view the menu, and reserve a table
Advertise product or service
Submit advertising and push notifications regarding new products, discounts, and other offers
Find desired products and services easily
Proceed to a direct chat with a seller instantly
See ratings and reviews from other buyers
No borders
Find products from all over the world within the application
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