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The Knyazev family — is one of the bright examples of how participation in the Gem4me project becomes a family business. We spoke with Inga, Anton and Sasha Knyazev to learn how the messenger became a part of their lives, as well as, how her sons created and are developing their own channel. 

Inga Knyazeva

Investor, mathematician and economist, PhD in economics, Associate Professor at University of Finances under the Government of Russian Federation, investment expert

I’ve been with Gem4me from the very moment it began. I am a professional, searching and analyzing various investment alternatives is something I am constantly engaged in. Shares of Gem4me & МаrketSpace — is a hefty asset in my family’s investment portfolio. 

The project is attractive to me due to several parameters. Firstly, it is the industry of choice, potential profitability and a profound legal transparency. Additionally, I am impressed by the approach to choosing the project's form of financing. Crowdinvesting — is a great solution for lowering risks of lacking project’s financing in case of a crisis (the approach of the current crisis cycle was known 3-4 years ago). Furthermore, it is a respectable alternative to existing forms of financing a business through loans. I had many friends who are monitoring the project’s development and became investors due to “ideological” viewpoints: as the result of the new form of public relations that is demonstrating itself on such a widespread scale. 

I would also like to mention the friends that I gained in the Gem4me community. We all have a common reason to be proud of - mutual creation of something new, improving together (arguing at times), going on holidays together, travel and dream! 

When my sons became interested in the messenger and ignited with the idea of creating a channel I supported them fully. They are submerged in content creation while also gaining  crucial skills. For instance, they are currently cophisticating their ability to analyze information, a notion that I consider to be one of the most crucial ones for a professional or even for an average person in the modern world. My sons are becoming more intellectual and self-organized at the same time. 

My participation in the life of the channel is rather minimal: I edit economic facts at times, while the rest is done by Anton and Sasha. They are proud of the channel and are excited to work on it, they consider it to be their own informational project. They search for interesting and positive facts, while trying to omit sad ones; overall, their content is truly of quality and is enticing to read.

Anton and Sasha Knyazev

Creators of interesting_facts channel


Our mother became a Gem4me investor some time ago - that is how we were introduced to the project. The intеresting_facts channel was created when my brother and I learned of the upcoming contest (it was hosted in September of 2019). We were truly inspired and were striving to create our own channel on the Gem4me platform and participate in the competition.  

We didn’t do it just the sake of the contest, of course. We had this idea for quite a while as we’ve always been interested in science, the world around us and interesting facts from various areas of life surrounding us. The contest simply worked as a driving force to motivate us and get to its creation right then and there. 

We were excited to compete with other participants and were developing and improving our channel as the contest progressed. We searched for interesting facts, told our friends about the channel and invited them to subscribe. At a certain point our audience grew significantly and we were able to place second in the contest. We discussed this notion in our history of success.

My brother and I are students, I myself am in 11th grade currently. I have many interests outside of school as well: I am fond of photography and won in many contest already. I can say that these skills are helping me in working on our channel, as the visual part of any publication is a crucial aspect. 


I am currently in 4th grade, I enjoy math, Russian language and technology. I can’t wait for physics and chemistry as I am very interested in laws of physics and compounds. Moreover, I also have many hobbies: I am interested in various facts, science and many more. My favorite channel is National Geographic, as well as, I would like to share what I learn with others, which is why I am working on developing and maintaining our channel. 


The intеresting_facts channel contains information that we ourselves learn. The sources of this information are from all over, which include the internet, books, scientific magazines and various TV programs. We search for facts and choose only the most positive ones. Moreover, we are striving for our subscribers to only improve their moods but also learn something new, be amazed or inspired by events surrounding us. 


Both of us are working on the channel: we obtain interesting facts, match pictures, while each of us searches for information in topics of our individual interests.


The contest was hosted a while ago, although, we continue improving our channel, share the positivity, invite new subscribers and are growing together with our channel. By searching through various facts we ourselves are submerged in a wide range of topics, as well as, we are learning to manage our time, to be productive, set goals and accomplish them. It isn’t just a hobby for us, but also is serious work that we are planning to achieve much with. This is just the beginning!  

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