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Family Story


Many bring their families to join the Gem4me project, while some join together with their relatives right away. We spoke with investors for whom participation in the project is now a family business and learned more about their story. 


I am an entrepreneur and I have a rather common business - I import plumbing supplies from Moscow. 

I’ve never even heard of investing before and was not interested in this notion, although I realized later on that offline businesses generate good earnings only “right here and right now”, while future earnings need to be created. The world is rapidly changing, everyone will be working over the internet soon enough and we need to keep up with the pace of innovation. As the result, I started investing in the IT industry back in 2017. 

I started my investing path with encrypted currency and was directed mostly by my intuition, while I learned about Gem4me and joined the project shortly after. I did have doubts in the beginning, of course, yet decided that it was worth taking a risk.

We all know various successful applications: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, or, for instance, TikTok, which is currently at the peak of popularity. These services are being actively used by the whole world! I invested a large amount in Gem4me and started to actively promote it after realizing its prospective future. It is crucial that our messenger will not be one of those messengers that simply replicate one another. It has a major advantage - a built-in commercial platform. 

Crowdinvesting — is a new and exciting direction for Russia, while it is also crucial to remember that a powerful team spirit is needed in order to succeed in this venture. There are portfolio investors who simply invest funds, and there are also active participants - those who promote the project. These individuals are the driving force of Gem4me. We work with diligent, competent and trust-worthy people. 

One of the core reasons for why my wife and I became investors is to provide a stable future for our three children. I felt it with my heart that this project will bring us success and Natalya supported me from the very beginning. We see the application as our child as well, as we are watching it grow and become a part of history! Money is important, but we would also like for our children to be able to say: “This application was created by my parents”. Such a feeling of involvement truly motivates.   

I frequently talk with successful and prosperous people who are constantly working. When my friends visit me in their expensive cars I see the gas tank being empty, and this simile can also be applied to them. When a person is always working he or she is not in charge of their life, as these people are working for a business regardless of how big their salary is. In my opinion, a business should work for a person instead, help him or her enjoy life. This is the exact philosophy that project Gem4me gifted me with. 


My husband and I started investing when we became parents. Life values have drastically changed then: we were not alone anymore and had to think not just our future, but also the future of our children. We must not only support them, but also provide them with foundations of financial literacy, show them the world of capabilities and teach them to not be afraid of challenges on the path towards goals. We wanted for them to follow our example. 

Prior to investing I would work for hire and constantly switched jobs in search of a better salary. I opened my own business and became an entrepreneur, which gave me more freedom in terms of time and earnings. However, my husband and I would not be able to realize all of our dreams if we stayed stagnant. I fully realized the advantages of investing when I was on maternity leave.  

We reviewed several options and agreed on Gem4me. Its idea, its product and powerful team were truly revolutionary. We believed in the project and fully submerged ourselves in it.

I saw how powerful a company can be and how well a team can work when everyone is working towards one mutual goal. Administration of Gem4me takes a diligent approach to planning and future development. It employs true professionals that are aware of the latest trends and use them in application’s development, they follow all the changes in the legislature and are protecting the rights of its investors. This is the major strength that is driving the project closer to its goal. 

I believe this is the exact feature that small businesses in Russia are currently lacking, which is why many businesses go bankrupt. There is no sound management, team spirit and everyone's for themselves. There has to be a team spirit in order to earn well.

I believe that Gem4me will become a world-class brand that everyone will be talking about. We will most definitely attain all of our set goals! Let our application become a part of history as a global project that was financed by the people in order for others to see that there are great projects in which great profits can be earned.  

There are plenty of bad projects and they have the most noise around them. However, not much is said about successful projects, which is why people are worry to lose their investmetments, are not able to analyze and take advice from incompetent people. Investments are a risk, of course, but risk is everywhere. There are no guarantees that even a for-hire company will not go out of business the next day and will leave its employees jobless.  That is exactly the reason why it is crucial to have an additional source of income from investments, for the purpose of stability and confidence in tomorrow, while Gem4me — is a great choice to invest in.  

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