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We are launching Spaces!


Hello everyone!

We are ready to present you a beta version of the Spaces functionality. All Android and Web users can already participate in testing.

The beta-release currently includes the following features:

  • Creating, editing, deleting Spaces of different types (public and private). A group chat and a channel are automatically created, while making the Space. All new members of the Space immediately join the channel and chat;
  • Universal links to Spaces for inviting users;
  • Space profile;
  • All available functionality inside the main group chat and channel.

In order to join Android testing, you need to download and install the attached Gem4me APK file. Don't ve afraid - it's just another version of our app. To access the web version, simply use the domain

Please send any bugs you find, your suggestions and wishes for the functionality being tested here: Testing Gem4me (Android).

In future updates, more chats and channels can be added to Spaces, and a news feed will be added to the space profile.

Stay with us!

Always yours,

Gem4me Team

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