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Good afternoon friends.

Last week, we finished testing and launching of a new functionality - broadcasts. Now any channel owner can click the button in the upper right corner of the screen and start broadcasting live to their subscribers. You can stream anything: reading poetry, playing your favorite game, unpacking toys (almost the most popular content for a children audience!), a family dinner or a cooking lesson. All your subscribers will receive a notification about the stream (unless, of course, they choose the option to disable this notification).

So far, subscribers can only express their feeling to you with the help of emojis. We carefully test each element of the functionality and launch only what is already working stably and as conveniently as possible for users. Next in line is the functionality of comments and the ability to record the broadcast so that it remains on the channel to watch it later.

Since more and more bloggers are now facing problems and restrictions on their main channels, we have focused on the functionality of channels and broadcasts and are trying to do everything to make it convenient for both the hosts of the public and their audience. If you are a blogger, come to us, we will help you instantly log in and start gaining an audience: in our catalog and widgets that all messenger users see, we constantly change channels, so it is much easier for a beginner to find his audience. If you are a user, subscribe to your favorite creators, watch their publications and streams with us.

And a few more words: now we are urgently designing an advertising tool so that bloggers can compensate their losses on other services. Follow the news, we are always in touch!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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