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Team blog GEM4ME №102


Good afternoon friends.

Today we are ready to announce a new functionality that will be available in the April beta version of the application - this time we are talking about the functionality of recording calls, conferences and online broadcasts.

There can be dozens of reasons to record a call - for example, you realize that the call is clearly fraudulent and you may need proof for investigation. Or, on the contrary, this is a very important call for you, which contains a lot of information and you are afraid to forget it.

As part of beta testing, the functionality of recording personal and group calls, as well as conferences, will be launched first of all. You will be able to decide which calls are worth recording and which are not. If another user starts recording, you will know about it by seeing the recording start icon on the screen. You can start and end recording at any time. You can record both incoming calls and outgoing calls.

As for the functionality of online broadcasts in channels, this functionality will work a little differently, since recording of broadcasts is almost always needed from the very beginning. Therefore, only the initiator of the broadcast (only the administrator or owner of the channel) will be able to manage the recording process. After the broadcast ends, the entry will remain in the channel's history, but if necessary, any administrator or owner of the channel will be able to delete this entry.

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Always yours,

Gem4me team

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