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Team blog GEM4ME №103


Good afternoon friends.

Last week we had a planned release. The main improvements were related to the functionality of online broadcasts in channels, since we have significantly more bloggers and for them this functionality is important. Firstly, we've added a new screen for subscribers when the broadcast ends. Secondly, we connected push notifications about the beginning of the stream in the channel to which the user is subscribed. Also, the form of creating public channels has been changed on all platforms. Now the link to the channel is generated automatically if the user has not set it manually. In addition, the following features have been improved on each platform:


- Added an indicator of disconnection (the absence of the Internet);

- Added an additional hint on the phone number input screen (now the user can see if he made a mistake in the number of digits in the number).


- Updated the empty chat list screen;

- Added functionality for filing complaints about content;

- Added an additional hint on the phone number input screen.


- Added universal links to messages in channels;

- Improved video quality on streaming;

- Made visual changes to the chat/channel screen.

Now our team is preparing for the beta release, which will take place on April 13 and will include the comments functionality in the channels. And the planned production-release will take place on April 20, but this is a completely different story, which we will tell about a little later :)

Follow the news, we are always in touch!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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