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Team blog GEM4ME №104


Hello everyone.

We dedicate today's blog post to summing up: the first quarter is over, it's time to report on what we managed to do and what moved to the next quarter.

From what was planned for the first quarter, we implemented:

- Mentions in channels and articles;

- Improved article styles editor (it's much easier to apply some styles);

- Sharing posts from channels outside the messenger;

- Live broadcasts in channels.

In addition, we've improved the blank screens for new users and started revising the first screens new users may encounter. These tasks were not included in the work plan for the first quarter last year, but as the messenger developed and more and more new users appeared, we realized that we should take care of their convenience. In the same way, the translation of the messenger into Ukrainian was not planned, but we quickly did it in order to support new users from Ukraine.

Of the plans for this quarter, we did not have time to launch the functionality of recording calls and broadcasts, as well as comments in channels. Work in these areas was underway, but due to the emergence of urgent tasks, the deadlines have shifted slightly: now we are planning a release for April 20 (this will be the first release of the second quarter). Also in the plans for the second quarter - the functionality of donations in channels, indication of typing in chats and a news feed.

Stay with us and follow the news!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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