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Team blog GEM4ME №105


Hello everyone.

On April 25, we installed a new update, in which we added three major and completely new features at once - comments, call recording and donations in channels.

Let's start with the call recording. Now, if the call is important to you, you can record it. It can be any conversation - both personal (with one contact) and group calls. In group chats and conferences, administrators and the caller can record a call. Recording time is unlimited: it can be a few minutes or many hours. We also remember about the recording of online broadcasts, it will appear in the next release.

Now about the comments. By default, this functionality is now enabled for everyone who runs their channel. But if you don't want any discussions, then as the owner (or administrator) of the channel, you can disable this option in the settings. When the function is enabled, any subscriber can leave comments on any message in the channel - and that may be not only text messages, but also voice messages, as well as links, stickers and pictures. In the next release, we will work with this functionality further: a message counter will appear, and push notifications will be displayed when someone wrote a comment to you.

Well, the most important thing for channel owners is that since this release we began to further implement monetization, and its first step is the donations functionality. To receive money from your subscribers, you need to fill in one additional field in the channel profile and insert the link of your profile on any of donations platform (Patreon, Donation Alerts, etc.). Once you do this, your subscribers will see a button (looks like a heart) in the top menu of your channel or during your broadcast and will be able to transfer money to you. We really love everyone who runs their channel in Gem4me, and decided not to take commissions for that transfers yet.

Also in this release, we made changes to the channel directory on Android to make it easier for you to navigate it, and for new users we made a tooltip near the channel directory button so that they can find it faster. Users from other platforms will see these innovations later.

Stay with us and follow the news!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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