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Good afternoon friends.

As you know, we recently gave bloggers the opportunity to collect donations from subscribers in our messenger. But this was only the first step in our global plan - to enable everyone who runs our channel to make money on it. To date, we have already worked out this issue enough and are ready for the announcement. Meet the monetization platform!

How will this platform work? For the channel owner, we will add a menu item in the profile, which will indicate consent to display ads. Advertisers will be able to see all the channels whose owners are willing to advertise and plan their budget. The promotional message itself will look just like a normal channel message - with an image, text, and a button, marked as "advertising". Now we are testing different design options for this message so that it looks nice and neat, fully reflects the advertiser's request and does not annoy either the owner of the channel or his subscribers.

At the moment, we cannot disclose the specific rates and amounts that the owner of the channel can earn, they will depend on many factors - the number of subscribers, the number of views of posts on the channel, user activity and the blogger himself. At the same time, we also care about readers who really do not like annoying ads, so we are thinking over algorithms that will prevent such ads from being “spam”. For example, one of these algorithms - an advertisement - will appear no more than every ten regular posts. Perhaps, during testing, it turns out that this limit needs to be changed.

Now we are gathering a pool of channel owners who would like to take part in testing the monetization system. If you have a channel that has existed for at least a month and has at least 50 messages, if you are interested in testing the monetization system and are ready to give us feedback - please contact @Marine.admin in our messenger.

Stay with us and follow the news!

Always yours,

Gem4me Team

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