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Good afternoon friends.

As you know, on April 25, we added comments. You can write them to any posts - both in chats and in channels. Channel owners can turn off comments, but we noticed that almost no one has used that option in the past two weeks. So there are more and more comments every day, and we are very happy about this.

We have already said that the comments functionality will be expanded and supplemented, and we are ready to present you a small roadmap for the implementation of improvements.

Firstly, we will add a counter of messages in the comments, including new (unread). We will also enable the ability to write comments on an article while inside this article on the Web (this feature already works on Android). All this will appear in our first June release.

In the second June release, we plan to launch push notifications for comments. Right now users don't see when someone replies to comments and can't react quickly - we'll fix that. Also in this release will be the ability to write comments inside the article, on iOS.

Further plans to develop comments include a live update (real-time update), as well as showing the original post (now the comments are in a separate thread and this is not always convenient).

If you have suggestions and questions, you can write them in the comments to the posts on our official channel :)

Stay with us and follow the news!

Always yours,

Gem4me Team

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