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Team blog GEM4ME №108


Good afternoon friends.

Last week, another release of Gem4me took place. So what's new?

Firstly, we've added a pretty background to our chats and channels. The background supports both light and dark themes. If the background annoys you, you can back it up to the classic plain background (for this you need to go to the profile). To see the new background in the web version, just refresh it.

Secondly, we implemented the stream recording functionality. In the last release, we added the ability to record and save group calls and conferences in a chat, and now we have improved the same functionality for online broadcasts. After the broadcast is over, just post it in the channel, it will be shown as a separate message. Please note that the recording will appear with a slight delay: it takes a little time to process the video file. Now those of your viewers who did not have time to start the live broadcast can always watch the entire recording at a convenient time for them.

In addition to cross-platform improvements, in this release we also added the functionality to delete your account on Android, block list and vertical widgets on iOS. And for channel owners who like to write longreads and work with them in Google Doc and Microsoft Word, we made it possible to copy-paste the entire document in Gem4me without losing formatting.

Stay with us and follow the news!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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