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Team blog GEM4ME №11


Good afternoon friends!

It has been 3 weeks since our last release - which means that the next update of our messenger has been released.

What has been added?

iOS version. Now the iOS team is in our catch-up, so let's start with it. In the current release, we added the ability to search for channels through the search, view the channel profile and join them. Now you can copy links to channels and group chats in a new convenient format. You may find this feature useful if you want to share an interesting channel with a friend. And if you are a channel administrator, it’s useful for advertising it. Plans for the next three weeks include quoting, editing, and deleting messages.

Android. On this platform, we have made a number of changes to the visual range and convenience. Attentive users will probably notice more accurate message “bubbles” (we recounted their sizes), as well as changes in the operation of mentions and additional notifications. The team plans to make the use of stickers more convenient and add processing of the swipe mechanism (swipe).

Web. Last in line, but not by value, is our web team, which was busy with changes to the image viewing window, and in the near future will please you with new functionality of hot keys.

Well, the most interesting - as usual, for those who read to the end. A week later (May 20) we release an unscheduled release. It will include only one functional. These will be group audio calls.

Thanks for watching, see you in a week!

Gem4me Development Team

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