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Team blog GEM4ME №110


Where did you get Gem4me? Most likely, on Google Play - more than 90% of our users come from this app store. In general, most users only know about Google Play and the App Store. But - surprise! -  they are not the only application stores. The owners of Samsung and Huawei, who doesn't have an access to the official Google store, have experienced this the hard way and know about alternative stores much more than they would possibly like.

However, alternative platforms for downloading applications are created by many mobile phone manufacturers (and sometimes not only them). First of all, this is done, of course, for the sake of money, because any store takes a commission when the user pays for a subscription or services built into the application. It is also a convenient way to promote your own products thanks to the widget system and the ability to predict where the user is more likely to look and what icon he will click on.

If a developer wants his application to be as accessible as possible, he has no choice but to publish it in the maximum number of stores. Such a policy is good at least because if there are problems with one store, the application remains available in others. It would seem that the risk is minimal, but it can materialize at any time - we ourselves faced it a few weeks ago when Google Play accidentally blocked Gem4me. Recovery took almost a day. We coped and promptly returned our messenger to service. All this time, new users still found us, they just used other stores.

Like any great idea, publishing in all possible stores has its downside: each store has its own requirements and the application needs to be optimized differently. It takes time. Therefore, when the question of placement in the next store arises, it always makes sense to assess how much it is really necessary and important.

Gem4me is now listed in five stores:

  • Google Play
  • App Store
  • App Gallery (for Huawei)
  • MiStore (for Xiaomi)
  • Samsung Galaxy Store (for Samsung)

In general, we can say that the current selection of stores is optimal for us: users from all over the world can download Gem4me, even if one of the stores is blocked. But we are monitoring the situation promptly and with the appearance of each new store we will definitely look at how interesting it is for us.

Stay with us!

Always yours,

Gem4me Team

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