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Team blog GEM4ME №111


On June 8, our planned release took place. The main novelty is that now we have the status “the user is typing text”. This feature works in both personal and group chats. The typing indication appears with a delay of one second: the delay is needed so that if a person just accidentally touches the keyboard, the indicator will not work. If your interlocutor interrupts and stops typing or sending a message, the indicator disappears. In the next releases, we will work with privacy settings and give users the ability to turn off that indication.

Also in the current release, we have improved the display of comments: a comment counter and an additional indicator of new messages (those that the user has not had time to read yet) have appeared. This is especially relevant for channel owners and active readers - now you can always see how many comments your post has and how many of them you haven't read yet.

The web version in this release received a new display of the article screen - we changed the fonts and enlarged them. Reading articles has become more convenient and enjoyable. And in the Android version, the logic of the “My Contacts” screen for newly registered users has changed - now it will be easier to find your friends in Gem4me.

Stay with us!

Always yours,

Gem4me Team

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