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Team blog GEM4ME №113


Good afternoon friends.

Telegram launched a paid subscription last week. We carefully studied all the options and divided them into several categories according to the degree of usefulness.

The first category, which makes up the bulk of the changes, is just visuals, like pretty animated stickers or stars on a user profile. Not very useful, but looks nice.

The second category is useful options due to restrictions: for example, the paid version now gives twice the limit on the number of pinned chats, the number of characters in video / photo captions, the size of files sent, and the number of subscriptions in channels.

Well, the third category is exclusive useful options, so far it is represented by exactly one: decoding audio messages.

Now let's see what we have in Gem4me:

  • we do not limit the size of uploaded files;
  • we do not limit the number of channel subscriptions;
  • we do not limit the number of generated links to public channels;
  • all users have access to unique animated stickers;
  • we do not limit the number of saved sticker packs;
  • and we have no restrictions on the number of characters for media files.

At the same time, we do not take money from our users - all these options are available to anyone who has downloaded Gem4me to their device.

Now we are not planning to introduce a paid subscription and all these options will be free for at least a very long time. About stars, super-animation and decoding of audio messages - we will think about it and maybe we will do all this for our users, again, for free.

But to choose whether it is worth paying money or using exactly the same functionality for free is, of course, up to you :)

Always yours,

Gem4me Team

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