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Team blog GEM4ME №114


Good afternoon friends.

On June 29, we released the next planned update of our messenger. Some noticeable changes for all categories of users may be various functional improvements: authorization, messages and comments.

The authorization functionality at the very beginning of Gem4me's existence was much simpler than it is now. The messenger grew, and with it the needs of the users grew, both in terms of convenience and security of use. This year, the moment came when we had to completely revise the logic for displaying errors on the screen. Basically, it means those cases when, for some reason, the messenger did not allow the user to pass authorization: for example, an incorrect phone number was entered or the limit on the message requests was exceeded. Now we have corrected these messages and we hope that it will be more convenient and easier for new users to pass authorization.

We also worked on the functionality of pinned messages. Previously, they were only available in group chats and channels, but now they can be used in personal correspondence. Keep in mind that if you pin a message, it will also be pinned for your interlocutor. In addition, we have added logic for mentioning users in comments - now you can use the combination @ + nickname in them to attract the attention of a specific user. They also made push notifications for such comments so that messages reach the user immediately.

Well, the most important thing in this release was the addition by the messenger of the functionality of the future advertising platform for blog owners. Now channel administrators can already collect donations from their users, and as soon as the advertising platform works at full capacity, they will also be able to earn money on paid ads. The development of Gem4me Ads is already underway and we plan to test its first version at the end of July.

Android device owners and web users will also see changes to their profile. We're taking the next step in our global overhaul of user interfaces, with segmented sections for each type of file sent in chat coming soon to profiles. More details in the next issue!

Always yours,

Gem4me Team

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