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Team blog GEM4ME №115


Good afternoon friends.

Today we are ready to sum up the results of the second quarter and talk about our plans for the current, third quarter.

Over the past three months, we have focused our main efforts on channels, and this has made resluts: thanks to the comments functionality, subscriber activity has increased significantly. In addition, we have improved the functionality of articles - we added the ability to format text using the context menu, improved the filling of files from documents, and made it possible to put reactions in the article itself.

We also worked with chats - we added beautiful backgrounds, made it possible to see when your interlocutor is typing a message, allowed to make pinned posts even in one-on-one chats. As the analytics show, our users actively use it.

The functionality of calls has been supplemented with the possibility of recording. You can record not only personal calls, but also conferences and online broadcasts for your subscribers.

For bloggers, we have implemented a donate button, and we do not take a penny from them in our favor. Everything that you want to donate to your favorite presenter will go to him entirely.

Of the minor innovations, we note the functionality of filing a complaint within the messenger and the ability to delete your account (we hope, however, that it will not be useful to you).

In the current quarter, we plan to radically redesign the user profile to make it more convenient (and we have already begun to do this), add the ability to decrypt voice messages, add private stickers, a news feed, and stabilize all the functionality already developed. And one more thing, but let it remain a surprise :)

Stay with us!

Always yours,

Gem4me Team

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