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Team blog GEM4ME №117


Hello everyone!

The main objective of the messenger is to create the most comfortable conditions for communication between users. And today we will talk about how we plan to improve the lives of people who are annoyed by voice messages.

For sure, there is nothing wrong with voice messages, and there are enough situations in life when they are OK - if you want to share emotions, but it is difficult to convey them in text, or when it is inconvenient to type. But there is a downside: the recipient of a voice message cannot always immediately listen to it - for example, he is at a meeting or on the subway. And then there are people who openly abuse this feature.

In general, to simplify, a voice message is a convenience for the sender and an inconvenience for the recipient. What can be done to keep this function as convenient for the one who likes to record such messages, and at the same time for the recipient? The answer is simple: add a transcript of voice messages to text messages.

On August 10, we will release another update, in which a button for decrypting voice messages will appear. So far, only two languages will be implemented - Russian and English, in the future their number will increase. It will be possible to decrypt not only personal messages, but also those sent in group chats and channels.

In addition, we decided to add another privacy setting and give users the ability to prevent voice messages from being received. If you still don’t like them, even in decrypted form, it will be enough to set this restriction once and no one will bother you anymore.

Decryption of voice messages will be available to all users without restrictions, free of charge!

Stay with us!

Always yours,

Gem4me Team

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