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Team blog GEM4ME №118


Good afternoon friends.

We promised - we did it! Last week, we had a release that, in addition to application performance improvement, added the functions of decrypting voice messages and interests.

After updating the application, users will be able to convert voice messages to text. It is very easy to do - after recording the voice, just press one button, and the text will appear right below it. So far, transcripts are available in English, Spanish, Arabic and Russian. All transcripts are free.

Another novelty: when you click on the channel list, the category selection page now appears. We decided that it makes sense to first find out the interests of the user in order to offer the most relevant channels that may be interesting to him. In the future, when the newsfeed functionality appears in Gem4me, the user will see messages in the newsfeed on the selected topic, including those from channels to which he has not yet subscribed. Thus, we can always offer the user new interesting content.

In addition to these global changes, the current release on iOS has added functionality that allows you to perform a number of actions on the list of subscribers (and blocked users), and we have also added the ability to receive notifications when someone has put a reaction to your message. We also worked on stabilization - we fixed the bugs we received complaints about from users.

Stay with us!

Always yours,

Gem4me Team

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