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Team blog GEM4ME №119


Good afternoon friends.

As you know, Gem4me has a special page where all blogs (channels) are collected - the catalog. We thought that it would be convenient for the user to see all available channels in one place in the messenger, and not to use third-party services for this.

Now in our catalog there are several categories of compilations (widgets). A part of it is configured manually by administrators - in particular, the top widget “Don't miss these channels”. The other part is generated automatically depending on the user's preferences, which he indicated when he first entered the catalog, and later - depending on what channels exactly the user subscribes to.

Now we are starting to work more closely on the differentiation of channels by region. We want the user to see content in their native language first. Partially this feature is already configured through the widget mechanism, but the content is filtered manually and it takes quite a lot of time. We will make a fully automatic filtering, after which the language of the channel will be determined automatically and compared with the user's phone number - so that he always sees channels in his native language first of all.

We will also allow users to add and edit the list of languages that they know and in which they want to see content in the channel directory. And we will add a separate section in the catalog, in which all the broadcasts live on right now will be displayed.

Well, in the future - we will add a separate section for paid channels: the development of this functionality has already begun.

Stay with us!

Always yours,

Gem4me Team

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