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Team blog GEM4ME №12


Today we have released the highly expected release, which includes the functionality of group calls. At the moment, calls are available only in groups of up to 17 users, but over time we will increase this number.

Any unbanned participant can start a call in a group. After starting / connecting to the call, the call screen (panel) will display a list of all members of the group in which the call is being made. At the moment, call participants can have two states:

- on a call - if the user is connected to the call;

- not on a call - if the user has not connected / rejected the call.

Also, the participants of the call will have the opportunity to mute the microphone during the call, connect the speaker (on mobile devices), and also connect with a group call that already goes without you.

Please note that in the current release there will be some differences depending of the platform - for example, users of the web version will be able to minimize the call and go to chat rooms for parallel communication. In the future, this functionality will appear on other platforms. And users on the iOS platform today will be able to only receive group calls that another user started. It will be possible to initiate a group call on the iOS platform in the next release.

What else are we working on:

1. Improving the speed of delivery of notification of a new call;

2. Additional sound notifications:

  - When a user connects to a call - for the user;

  - When someone leaves the call - for all users who participate in the call;

  - When someone connects to a call - for all users who participate in the call.

3. And most importantly, video calls. Details - a little later.

Thanks for watching, see you in a week!

Gem4me Development Team

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