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Good afternoon friends.

A newsfeed will appear in our messenger very soon.  This is a logical step forward in the development of the Gem4me functionality, which will make viewing new messages in the public groups you subscribe to more convenient.

Now you get push notifications when channels you are interested in release new posts.  But push notifications aren't always convenient - you may not have the time or the mood to read a new post as soon as it appears.  Usually, users simply read all the new channel content that has appeared in a certain time by going to the directory.  In this case, you have to switch between channels.

The newsfeed solves the problem of “extra clicks” and allows you to quickly get a complete picture of the day for all the blogs you follow.  All new posts are collected in it in chronological order, so you get a feed that is filled with exactly the content you are subscribed to.  It is enough to go into it once or twice a day - and you are already aware of all the events.

Some technical details: posts in the feed can be either text messages or videos or articles.  All text content can be quickly translated into any of the 17 languages we support.

Next, we will personalize the feed: the user will see the content not only of those publics to which he subscribes, but also the most interesting, fresh and relevant posts from other channels in our application that fall under the declared interests.  For example, if you are subscribed to three channels about sports - and therefore you are interested in sports - then in the feed you can sometimes see content from other sports groups.

Stay with us!
Always yours,
Gem4me Team

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