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Team blog GEM4ME №124


Good afternoon friends.

Today we would like to sum up the results of the past third quarter and outline plans for the next quarter.

This quarter, we finished updating user profiles, groups, and channels and have already begun developing a new format for displaying media files in chats. Thus, profiles have already become more accessible and visual, and it is now more convenient for you to manage chats with users and groups.

The streaming functionality has been supplemented with comments and the ability to add several streamers to your broadcast. Streaming has become more active and interesting. Now you can discuss any topic with your colleagues and friends, and the audience will be able to listen to you, as well as chat with you.

We paid a lot of attention to minor innovations, such as decoding voice messages, vibration feedback (when a user leaves a reaction to a message), and added a bot to create a private sticker pack. The implemented functionality will make using the messenger more pleasant, and most importantly - more efficient.

Also this quarter, we added the functionality of additional privacy settings. What can you customize? Whether you can send voice messages and whether you can be found in the global search. You can try this functionality in the next release on October 12th.

As for plans for the 4th quarter, we plan to start it by adding a newsfeed in the channels. Users will be able to see all the posts of the channels they follow in one place. During the quarter, we will develop this functionality so that the news feed is filled not only with messages from the channels to which the user is subscribed, but also with recommendations. We will also continue to work on displaying content from chats (you can see what links, files, etc. are in a particular chat) and continue to improve privacy and performance in the messenger.

Stay with us!
Always yours,
Gem4me Team

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