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Team blog GEM4ME №125


Good afternoon friends.

Today we will talk about our latest release, in which we increased the number of privacy settings and added another killer feature.

We have implemented two more new privacy settings that answer the questions: "Who can find me through the search?" and "Who can send me voice messages?". Both settings can be found in your personal profile and you can choose one of the options: everyone, only my contacts, or nobody. These settings will increase your level of security.

The new killer feature of our app is the newsfeed. Of course, the news feed itself is not a new functionality, it is available in any social media. But no one has such functionality in messengers now. Probably soon it will appear everywhere, but we will still be the first :)

So what can our newsfeed do? Its main task is to help you to browse and find interesting content. From the news feed, you can leave comments, reactions just like in any channel. The feed itself is formed from the publications of all the channels to which you are subscribed. You can find it in the channels tab. While the news feed is available only for Android and iOS users, it will soon appear on the web version.

In addition, we have redesigned the "Shared Media" section on Android and the web platform, which displays all the media files sent within the chat. And on iOS, there was no such screen at all before.The next release is scheduled for November 2nd.  

Stay with us!

Always yours,

Gem4me Team

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