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Team blog GEM4ME №126


Good afternoon friends.

Last week we had a release, in which we did not introduce new functionality, but improved the existing one.

First, we have localization in the channel catalog. Previously, there were no language restrictions in it, and therefore you could see channels even in languages that you can’t speak. Now Gem4me automatically recognizes the language of the content in the channel, and you do not see unfamiliar languages, and besides, it is now easier for you to find blogs that are interesting and understandable to you.

Secondly, we have made changes to user profiles. On iOS, two new screens became available at once - with a list of audio files in a chat and with a list of voice messages. These screens will help you quickly find the messages you need in your chat history.

Thirdly, we have incorporated a notification mechanism for new releases into the application. So that a new update has been released, now you can find out inside Gem4me.

Stay with us!

Always yours,

Gem4me Team

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