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Team blog GEM4ME №127


Good afternoon friends.

Today we will tell you about improvements in the functionality of calls, which should be expected in the near future.

Call moderation

For conferences or online classes, it is important for the initiator of the conference to moderate everything that happens on the call. As a first step, we have implemented a separate type of call - "Conference", in which the initiator can turn on / off someone else's microphone at will. The next step is to let the caller control the ability to turn the participant's video on or off  


At the moment, there is no such a thing for the calls. During the "conference" users can use the raised hand functionality, but this is the only available action. However, during conferences and online broadcasts, it is extremely important to see feedback from your audience. Therefore, we plan to expand the number of reactions that users can post.

Background change

There are days when the background in your apartment or office doesn't look very presentable and you don't want to show it.  We decided to allow users to change the background to a picture, or just make it blurry.

Scheduled Calls

Work calls are almost always scheduled, personal sometimes too. It would be nice to be able to schedule meetings and calls, so we decided to implement a calendar and scheduled calls functionality. You can schedule a call for a specific date and time, and it will automatically start even if you forget about it. Of course, you will receive notification. 

We'll talk about other changes and improvements later - in fact, we have much more plans: we want to give you the ability to change backgrounds in real time, allow you to control the video grid, and much more.  Stay connected and be the first to know all the news!

Always yours,

Gem4me Team

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