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Hello everyone!

In the second November release, we redesigned the newsfeed and file sections in chats, as well as added many smaller improvements.

The newsfeed now displays posts with albums. Albums are a post type that can include up to nine media files at once. In addition, now admins and channel owners see in the news feed not only posts from other people's channels, but also from their own. Several UI / UX changes were also made (the background was changed, the indents were changed somewhere, etc.) to make the interface even more convenient and stylish.

The second major change in this release is the new screen in chat profiles - screen with shared chat files. Two more new sections appeared on the iOS platform - for files and for links. The same changes will be available on other platforms soon.

Well, as usual, we do not disregard the general state of the messenger and fixed a large number of errors. The next release will be the last but not least in this year. We will tell about this and about the results of the year in the next issues.

Stay with us!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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