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Team blog GEM4ME №129


Good afternoon friends.

Today's blog will be dedicated to QR codes. Soon they will be available to all our users - it's time to explain how they will look and why they can come in handy.

QR code (Quick Response) is a two-dimensional barcode that provides information for quick recognition using a camera on a mobile phone. Using a QR code, you can encode any information - a text, a phone number, a link to a website, a business card, and in our case, a channel/chat/user/item profile in MarketSpace.

Why do we need a QR code? It is convenient to place it on business cards, banners and other promotional products so that a person can immediately get direct contact with you through Gem4me. As soon as someone points their phone at your QR code, they will immediately go to Gem4me, where a chat with you will open. If your interlocutor has not yet installed Gem4me, then first of all he will go to the application store, but after downloading, he will immediately “fall through” into a personal chat with you.

QR codes are already working for us (that is, they can be read), but it is not yet possible to generate them inside the messenger. For the eager ones, who are not ready to wait a couple of months until the functionality is tested and appears inside the messenger, here is a brief instruction on how to manually create a personal QR code:

Yet at the beginning of 2023, you will be able to generate such a QR code literally by pressing one button inside Gem4me.

Happy holidays!

Always yours,

Gem4me Team

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