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Team blog GEM4ME №131


Hello everyone!

We will start the first blog in 2023 with plans for the year.

In 2022, we carried out the main development in three areas: calls, channels, and general functionality. This year we will have a new direction - spaces. Accordingly, we expanded the team, redistributed responsibilities and are already working hard on it. Below you may see a small list of functionalities so that you can imagine in which direction we are moving now.

Calls, streams, conferences

  • New call interface;
  • Combining messages about the beginning and end of a call;
  • New access settings for group calls and conferences;
  • Reactions and comments on streams and conferences;
  • Links to calls;
  • Multisessions;
  • Feedback form.

Channels, catalog, news feed

  • Improvement and personalization of the newsfeed;
  • New message types - voting and quizzes;
  • Channel catalog improvements;
  • Article improvement;
  • QR codes;
  • Video autoplay.

General functionality

  • Crypto wallet;
  • The messenger performance;
  • Changing your own phone number;
  • New indicators for sending stickers / files, etc.;
  • Secret chats;
  • Referral program and prizes for contests;
  • Improvement of existing functionality.

Spaces is a separate topic, within which many different functions will be presented. We will talk more about each of them in the very near future.

Something from the list will appear in Gem4me already in the release on January 25th. The rest will be developed gradually and launched throughout the year. Releases are still waiting for you every three weeks.

Stay with us!

Always yours,

Gem4me Team

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